Direct Support Professional
Appreciation Week!

    • For all Direct Support Professionals and Site Supervisors in the company
    • New Leaf will be raffling off one super duper prize DAILY to a lucky staff member!
    • All staff get an entry, with years of service meaning more tickets and more changes to WIN!


DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Rakaiya L Peterman won today! Shown with Laura Miller presenting her with an iPad!

DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Jasmine J Williams won today! Shown with Arrelle Robinson presenting her with $500 gift card(s)

DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Colleen Birt won today! Congrats on winning 4 Cleveland Indians tickets!

DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Monique Crowder won today! Shown with Sarah Mayer presenting her with an iPad!

DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Danielle Smith won today! Shown with Sarah Miller, Danielle won a 65" TV!

DSP Appreciation Week Winners!

Ashley Mahaffey won today! Shown with James Moody presenting her with $500 in gift cards!

Sept 9th Drawing Winner Rakaiya Peterman!!


Sept 9th Drawing Winner Jasmine Williams!!


Sept 10th Drawing Winner Colleen Birt!!


Sept 11th Drawing Winner Marnise Kimbrough!!

Samsung - 65" Class - LED - NU6900 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

Sept 12th Drawing Winner Monique Crowder!!


Sept 13th Drawing Winner Danielle Smith!!


Sept 13th Drawing Winner Ashley Mahaffey!!

Caught Caring Testimonials

From the East Region: 

A recent Shout Out that was received from a MCBDD monitoring SSA: Just wanted to let you know….. Went out for monitoring the other night to Chattanooga on 9/17 and met a couple different staff they were nice and seemed positive and upbeat! They were helping prepare dinner, getting JB to restroom and SR and LB were even out interacting with us.  It was a good visit.  🙂

Received from a Service and Support Administrator at MCBDD

From a September, 2019 SSA Monitoring report in the East Region:

Good day!  I wanted to let you know I visited AB yesterday, Tuesday 9/10 around 12:15pm.  The staff: Shon and Josesphanie were just lovely.  Seriously.  It was one of my favorite home visits.  The staff clearly really know AB well and what he likes/ dislikes.  They included him in “regular” home activities- such as getting groceries out of the car and putting them away.  It was such a chill environment, yet supportive of independence.  Please send thank you’s to those staff and Amy who clearly is running a tight ship 🙂 .

Recognizing Jeffriana Butler and Deidre Durham for being #CaughtCaring

Jeffriana Butler and Deidre Durham were CAUGHT CARING on shift on 6-17-19. Both women were going above and beyond for the individuals in the Stonehaven home. They were attentive, excited and enjoying their shifts. Additionally, a guardian visited the home and called in to report how wonderful they have been in the home! Way to go ladies!

Recognizing LaTuwanda Scott & Myet Scott for being #Caught Caring!

(We) monitored last night, which all 3 guys were at home. The staff there were Latuwanda S. and Myet S. They were very helpful with some of the questions I had about the guys. I enjoyed my visit with the guys. Staff seemed to really know them and what they like and what is occurring in the house which was very helpful information. They were friendly and the guys seemed happy with them being there.

Phillip was sitting in his chair looking out at the rain. We found a bright red cardinal and was watching it in the trees for a little while before he wanted his own space. We were there for dinner and staff ensured he had the correct meal and Phillip seemed to enjoy his dinner. Staff did tell me which I was able to witness and was very excited about was they were encouraging Phillip to be more independent and have him carry his plate and cup to the sink after he was done.

Harry was in his room when we first arrived but once he said hi he wanted to come out to the kitchen to spend time with us. He was excited to show us his truck and his piggy bank that he had in his shirt. Harry was mentioning that he likes pizza, burgers and watermelon. He seems to be adjusting to retirement very well.

Frank was so excited to discuss that he is going to Cedar Point next week for roller coasters. He did come out and sit at the kitchen table for almost the whole visit, mostly because he was waiting for dinner to be ready. But it was nice to see him out of his room. He was rocking his mustache and staff said he does not want it shaved so myself and another SSA were discussing it with him and he kept saying yea and smiling. When we went to leave Frank was excited to open the door for us and telling us bye and shaking our hands. He was very involved in the visit which was nice to see.

(This is an email from a MCBDD SSA who recently monitored a home in New Leaf’s East Region)

New Leaf would like to recognize the Inglewood home for being #Caught Caring

From a recent MCBDD SSA’s email after visiting a home in the East region:

I wanted to let you know that we monitored on Wednesday.   Gaeralynn and Angie were fabulous!  They answered all our questions and interacted with the guys in a very positive, engaging manner.  Great job on documentation!! The home was neat and orderly.

New Leaf would like to recognize Devon Cox for being #CaughtCaring

Devon Cox is an amazing team player for New Leaf North. He went above and beyond for the on-call Site Supervisor recently and is always willing to help out! His team members enjoy working with him and he can always be counted on. Thank you, Devon!