Caught Caring Testimonials

New Leaf would like to recognize Chris Tomlinson for being #CaughtCaring

Chris Tomlinson is the Site Supervisor at the Depeyster home in Portage County.  Recently we recognized Chris when the speech therapist that visits Depeyster reported to our medical department that he is, "always professional, always follows instructions and takes exceptional care of both the guys that live at the home."  We presented Chris with a “#Caught Caring” certificate as well as  a gift card to treat himself to lunch.

We are very proud to recognize Chris for all his hard work and commitment to those that New Leaf serves!

New Leaf would like to recognize Rhonda T. & Shayla C. for being #CaughtCaring

Job well done, Rhonda T. & Shayla C.! Rhonda & Shayla were working in a home one recent evening when an SSA visited with these positive comments. “…. wanted to let you know, I went to the home to meet with staff for input. The visit was very helpful. Staff were very informative and friendly. They knew her well and seemed to genuinely care about her. The two staff at the home, were observed interacting well with each person that lives in the home. It was clean and they were working around the home.  I was pleased about my visit,  please let the staff know that I appreciate their input.”

New Leaf would like to recognize Linda Coffer & Shakira Jones for being #CaughtCaring

Wanted to let you know….. had a nice visit with the ladies on Thursday 9/6. Staff Linda and Shakira were awesome! Dinner smelled amazing, answered any questions we had. House was clean, books look pretty good.

(This is information shared from a Service and Support Administrator who recently monitored a home that receives supports in New Leaf’s East Region)

New Leaf would like to recognize Danielle Smith for being #CaughtCaring

Danielle Smith is always going above and beyond for New Leaf and the individuals she works with. She has an amazing work ethic and set a great example for staff! Way to go, Danielle!

New Leaf would like to recognize Nick George for being #CaughtCaring

I wanted to follow up with you and remind you of something that you are already aware of: Nick George is not only a great staff, but an outstanding human being! He has been extremely helpful in not only providing great supports to MT but also acting as an outstanding advocate for Mark. He has only been able to do this through being an even keeled support to MT, building a relationship with the family and putting MT's interests first and foremost.  As all of us are dealing with staffing crisis that is plaguing the State, we cannot ever lose sight of the great staff we do have. Nick George is a rare bird. New Leaf is lucky to have a great staff like that, but not as lucky as Mark. Just wanted to toot his horn as Nick does not seem like the kind of guy who would do it himself!

(This is information shared from a Service and Support Administrator who recently  monitored a home that receives supports in New Leaf’s West Region)

New Leaf would like to recognize Site Supervisor, Kia Brown for being #CaughtCaring

As soon as I entered (the home) Harry started smiling and waving me toward him. He took my hand telling me he likes me and asking me if I was married. He had a tea in his lap that he had to show me. He made me sit by him holding my hand and telling me yes when I asked if he had a good day.  He later showed me his room where he got in his bed watching tv and started to doze off while I was sitting and talking to him. I was talking to Phillip afterwards who was of course manning his chair and looking out the window. He said hi and yes when I asked him if he was watching for squirrels. We tried looking for them and when I saw one and pointed it out he said yes but was not willing to get up to show me his room. He was comfortable where he was J Frank was in a great mood. He was showing us his IPad and Beauty and the Beast videos. He was also very excited to talk about the Cedar Point trip he is going to go on and the roller coasters. He was very talkative, friendly, and happy. He used his IPad to show us the roller coasters, Mr. Rogers, and SpongeBob as well as the bells in Beauty and the Beast. When it was time for me to leave he shook my hand, said bye and then hugged me. They were preparing for supper and he was ready to eat but was being very patient while it was being prepared. Everything seemed to be organized and completed. Documentation looked good and I appreciate that. They seemed very content and happy.

(This is information shared from a Service and Support Administrator who recently  monitored a home that receives supports in New Leaf’s East Region)

New Leaf would like to recognize Alexis F. & Clemont F. for being #CaughtCaring

I was very impressed with the staff at the home.  They were preparing Blueberry muffins and encouraged the guys to actively participate in the preparation.  Although the guys made quite a mess cracking eggs, they had a blast.  The staff didn’t flinch at the mess that they were sure to have to deal with, and assisted them until they were able to correctly crack the eggs with minimal shells.  They really did a great job.  There were also beautiful yellow roses in the home, brought in by a staff that thought the men would enjoy them. 
(This message was received from an SSA who recently monitored one of the homes supported by New Leaf in our East Region.)